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Lithuania for India
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Conference „Lithuania and India: mutually beneficial friendship“

September 15, 2010, Parliament of Lithuania


Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, Indian – Baltic Chamber of Commerce, Vilnius University Oriental Studies Centre

Aim: To emphasize and present to the society the need and possibilities for closer cooperation between Lithuania and India, to establish the Lithuania – India Forum.


Establishment of the Lithuania – India Forum and public invitation to the society to join the Forum.

Lithuania – India Forum will be the public umbrella organization with the aim to unite various institutions, NGOs, public figures, individuals who take interest in India, relate to India by their profession, business, hobbies. It would promote the Lithuanian public interest in India, strengthen the relations between   Lithuania and India the fields of culture, education, science, business.

The main tool of the Forum would be the website that would introduce India to Lithuania and would enable active exchange of information between the members and the public, would allow spreading information about the India-related projects and events.


Declaration Establishing the Lithuanian – Indian Forum

"Indorama" Presentation by OP Mishra

Moments from the Lithuania-India Conference:

1. Press Conference_LR Seimas


2. Members


3. ConferenceKaseta

4. H.E.Ambassador Mr. Deepak Vohra


5. Mrs. Diana Mickeviciene Ministery of Foreign Affairs